Antoine BrisbonAcademic Director

    “All children can learn and grow.”

    My educational background:

    BA degree in English Education- Livingstone College
    Master of School Administration- The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Master of Curriculum and Instruction- The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    My certifications:

    Professional Standard II Licensure Middle Grades English Language Arts (6-9)
    Professional Standard II Licensure Principal (K-12)
    Professional Standard II Licensure Curriculum Specialist (K-12)

    My social/emotional trainings:

    I have had extensive training in my educational journey with SEL.

    My favorite teacher from my past:

    My favorite teacher from the past my 3rd Grade teacher Mrs. Lupo. She looked beyond my faults and saw my needs. She was the epitome of a life changer and a change agent.

    What do I love about Epiphany?

    I love the intimacy, one-on-one child-centered focus, maximizing their success, socially, intellectually, emotionally and academically.

    How does teaching and working with children inspire me?

    I love making an impact on student learning and achievement. Taking a child from where he is to where he or she needs to be is paramount. Parents send educators the best they have, and it is our duty, role, job and responsibility to have him or her compete globally in this society we live in.

    My favorite movie:

    I love ‘Dear John’

    My favorite board game:


    My favorite character, cartoon, or superhero:

    Batman and Robin

    My Interests and hobbies:

    I love theater and culinary arts. I also love symphonies.

    My origins, travels and/or adventures:

    I love traveling the Caribbeans- Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica are my favorites.

    My favorite thing to do, place to go, or eatery in Charlotte:

    I love The Explicit Lounge at the NC Music Factory.

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