Laurie SullivanSocial emotional learning director

    “I believe passionately in the mission of The Epiphany School and I am thrilled to work at a school that offers so much support and caring to our students and families.”

    My educational background:

    BA University of South Carolina, Columbia

    My certifications:

    26 years of experience in education

    My social/emotional trainings:

    Autism Summit, Social Thinking, Jed Baker conference

    My favorite teacher from my past:

    Mrs. Cohen, she was so understanding and patient. She made me want to become a teacher.

    What do I love about Epiphany?

    Our families and our sense of community.

    How does teaching and working with children inspire me?

    I am so grateful that I am able to work with children and families who allow me to help nurture their child’s growth; socially, emotionally and academically.  The smiles and hugs everyday is all the inspiration I need.

    My spirit animal:


    My favorite movie:

    Shawshank Redemption

    My favorite board game:


    My favorite book:

    The Outsiders

    My favorite character, cartoon, or superhero:

    Andy Dufresne

    My Interests and hobbies:

    Playing volleyball, watching football, going anywhere to hear music

    My origins, travels and/or adventures:

    Boston girl living in Charlotte

    My favorite thing to do, place to go, or eatery in Charlotte:

    The Whitewater Center and anywhere for yummy brunch

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