30k in 30 Days

7th Annual Epiphany Fund

This past year has reinforced the importance of human connection, friendships, selflessness, and creativity. Many of us may have learned new ways to foster relationships through technology, developed socially-distanced/Zoom playdates, and sacrificed to ensure the safety of our community.

With the goal of doing all that we can to keep our students and staff safe and on campus, we are pleased to kick off the 7th Annual Epiphany Fund. This year’s theme is We love Epiphany so much, it’s scary!

Our goal this year is to raise $30,000 in 31 days—30 for 30+1. Why do we ask for contributions when families already pay tuition? Currently, ESC does not have an endowment, which means 100% of our school’s operating budget is funded by tuition. Staff salaries make up the bulk of the expense (85%) leaving the remainder to cover basic needs.

The Epiphany Fund provides needed dollars that enhance the student experience.  Our support will enrich the learning environment by supporting professional development for teachers, access to mental health resources on campus, and strong social/emotional and academic programs, all of which are vital to our student’s success.  Our support this year will also allow for weekly art and music therapy and visits to Triple Play Farms, a local equine therapy facility. 

In a year of continued social-distancing, it is challenging to find ways to help our school.  Participating in the Epiphany Fund is one of the most impactful things you can do to support our students, teachers, and staff.  Please help us by participating as generously as you can this year.  Following our 30 for 30+1 theme, please think of one more person (family members, friends, employers) who would be interested in supporting our school.  Our campaign officially kicks off October 1st, with a goal of reaching $30,000 and 100% participation from current parents and board members by October 31st.

For check donations, please send to:

Covenant Presbyterian Campus, Education Building, 3rd Floor
1000 E. Morehead St., Charlotte, NC 28204

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