Nurturing Community

We embrace uniqueness and foster unconditional acceptance.

At The Epiphany School of Charlotte, we believe that when the stress of being different is removed, individuals can finally thrive. That’s why we have created a supportive environment where students with ASD1 and other communications differences can accept themselves without fear of judgment and learn to truly harness their strengths.

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The Significance of a Supportive Community

Epiphany is more than a school—it’s a welcoming community where a student can come to terms with their diagnosis and rewrite their own narrative. It’s a place where self-rhetoric shifts from “I’m bad” to “I’m different and powerful.” It’s a place where children learn to blossom into happy and successful young adults.

The foundational pillars of our supportive community are:


At Epiphany, we accept others for who they are in the present moment. We also accept ourselves and our diagnoses. We see autism not as a disability, but rather as a way of perceiving the world in a different light.


As an educational institution, Epiphany values robust academic programming. We hold our students to high standards, inviting them to explore beyond rote memory. But we also invite students and community members to educate themselves and others on autism and to advocate for positive change.


Our goal is to encourage students with ASD1 and other communications differences to do whatever it is they were called to do in this life. We believe each and every child has the power to make an impact.


We work tirelessly to empower students with the academic and social tools needed to thrive as young adults. Our mission is for all Epiphany graduates to find academic, social, emotional, financial, and spiritual success.

“Henry can finally be himself”

Henry is an aspiring herpetologist whose happiness was being stifled in a traditional public school setting. Now, as a student at Epiphany, he is moving through the world without sacrificing who he is.

Here are just a few of the ways we connect and cultivate our community:


  • Social emotional team wrap around services
  • Flexible grouping
  • Small classroom, small group
  • Special interest driven
  • Newspaper club
  • Technology centered


  • Parent Education Seminars
  • Parent Council
  • Friends of Epiphany


  • Sensory friendly
  • Soothing colors
  • Serene campus


  • Field trips
  • Field day
  • Partnership Programs

“Without a doubt, the impact of this school is life-changing” 

Caroline has witnessed the magic of our school community firsthand. As the parent of three Epiphany students, she has watched her children grow from a place of daily meltdowns and stress to loving—and even looking forward to—school.

A Community That Embraces Social Emotional Learning 

As a social emotional learning school in Charlotte, Epiphany teaches students not only to think critically and problem-solve but also how to empathize and self-regulate. Our social emotional learning curriculum is critical to this holistic development and helps students with ASD1 and other communications differences learn how to navigate the world around them. 

photo of child drawing
Children in School

A Community That Learns Uniquely

Though the students at Epiphany learn differently, that doesn’t mean our academic offerings are less robust than any traditional public school in Charlotte. Rather, we maintain state standards in all core subjects and monitor student progress through MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing.

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