Mary B. Moore LCSW, PLLCCo-Founder of The Epiphany School

    “To inspire moments of hope, happiness, self-confidence, and sense of belonging among children who have been misunderstood. To build a school that thinks differently about education for children who think differently. To use my passion and expertise in social skills development, resiliency, and ASD-1 (formerly known as Asperger’s) to help create a positive learning experience where skills of well-being are valued and taught, in addition to skills of academic achievement. These have been my guiding principles and reasons why I decided to help start The Epiphany School in the summer of 2008 and why I continue to serve on the board today. The strongest driving force, however, is the Epiphany community, or what I like to call “The Epiphany Dream Team” of families, teachers, staff, volunteers, board members, many supporters, and especially the students. I am honored and proud to be part of the Epiphany community who together make positive and meaningful differences that last a lifetime.”

    Mary B. is one of the Co-founders of The Epiphany School and a child therapist at Southeast Psych. Her passion and expertise is helping kids and parents develop the skills to experience success and be their best. Mary B. works with children ages 3-12 and specializes in ASD-1 (formerly known as Asperger’s), anxiety, ADD/ADHD, grief/loss, separation/divorce, social-emotional and communication skills, and parenting. In addition to individual therapy and parent coaching, Mary B. provides social skills group therapy, aka “Mary B.’s Super Social Skills Groups and Camps”, Purposeful Parenting Group Classes, and a free monthly parent support group, “Parenting Your Aspie.” Using a strength-based, solution-focused and fun approach, Mary B. helps kids learn and develop a set of kid-friendly effective tools to better understand others, manage feelings, think flexibly, solve problems and make friends. In addition, she partners with parents and teachers providing strategies to bring out the best in kids and nurture skills that last. Mary B. uses evidence-based techniques in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), positive psychology, Mindfulness, structured play therapy and behavior therapy. She received her master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1992, and undergraduate degrees in Psychology and French at Randolph-Macon College in 1989. Mary B. is a mother of 3 boys, loves games, Legos, Star Wars and Bobafett!

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