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Teaching Children to Not Sacrifice Who They Are

“Henry can finally be himself, instead of spending all his energy conforming, and that has truly allowed him to blossom.” — Stephen, parent of a student at The Epiphany School of Charlotte My son is an aspiring herpetologist with a quirky sense of humor. He is a bit of an eccentric soul. There was simply […]

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The Epiphany School Saved All of Us

“Joshua’s time at Epiphany was a special pitstop that provided him, and our whole family, exactly what we needed.” — Beth Ann, parent of a former student at The Epiphany School of Charlotte Today, looking at him as we sit together in a coffee shop, you’d think he’s an average teenage boy. His phone in […]

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How a Wallflower Blossomed Into a Part-Time Drummer & Full-Time Leader

Drew Nebrig is an unassuming rockstar. Contemplative and well-spoken, the 17-year-old honors student at Queens Grant High School doesn’t seem like someone who could smash a drum solo. But when he’s not doing homework, Drew is jamming out at Charlotte’s School of Rock.

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