Cassie Schofield JonesHead of School

Cassie Jones has been serving student’s and their families in Charlotte for fifteen years in both public and private arenas. She believes wholly in quality, tailored, and inclusive education for all children. Cassie resides in Charlotte with her two children, fur baby, and husband

My educational background:

I have always known I was called to education and am so grateful my path has led me to Epiphany! I received my B.S. in Middle Grades Education from the University of Georgia in 2008. I then began teaching in public and private schools in the Charlotte area and realized my niche was twice-exceptional students. I then received my M.Ed. in Special Education with a specialization in Academically and Intellectually Gifted Education. Of course my training on the job as I work with students has been my most beneficial education. I have learned more than I can relay, but what I have gleaned the most is that all great learning starts with trust, respect, understanding, and relationships– and I strive daily to put those first in all of my endeavors.

My certifications:

Professional Standard Licensure in Middle Grades Education and Elementary Education. Some Orton Gillingham training. Also was the only candidate but received a certificate for “Best Mom Award” 6 years in a row from my children.

My social/emotional trainings:

M.Ed. in A.I.G. with specialized classes focusing on kiddos that struggle with emotional regulation. Professional development in S.E.L.

My favorite teacher from my past:

Mrs. Walton from fourth grade! She inspired me to have a love of reading by getting to know me and showing me she cared. I think of her when I am interacting with children even to this day- the feeling of being known and connecting with kids can make a huge difference in their learning.

What do I love about Epiphany?

TOO MUCH TO SAY! My top five:

#1 – The fact that because our students are much more tech-savvy than me I have technology support at all times

#2 – That I laugh every day

#3 – That I get to do what I’m passionate about and was made to do

#4 – Our incredible families who are supportive, kind, and thoughtful

#5 – The amazing staff who show up every day with a similar passion to mine- to do our best for our kids

How does teaching and working with children inspire me?

Finding what makes each child ‘tick’ and what allows them to show up as their full self to school is one of the things that drives me. I think of how I would want someone to care enough to never give up on my own children when I’m interacting with students. It inspires me to keep seeking new strategies and pushing forward to do my best. Our kids more than deserve it.

My spirit animal:


My favorite movie:

“Father of the Bride” II

My favorite board game:

This is not necessarily a board game, but my favorite game is Double Solitaire and I will play you any time!

My favorite book:

“Redeeming Love,” “Hunger Games,” “Twilight” series, and if you give me a “Where’s Waldo” I’m in.

My favorite character, cartoon, or superhero:

This isn’t incredibly unique, but it’s Michael from “The Office”- I laugh at almost everything he says.

My Interests and hobbies:

Recently I’ve been puzzling quite a bit. Running, biking, traveling, being with my family and friends, reading, finding good deals, going to the lake, watching UGA football.

My origins, travels and/or adventures:

Man- life has been quite the adventure! I’ve been lucky enough to have too many to list! My favorite place was probably Victoria, British Columbia.

My favorite thing to do, place to go, or eatery in Charlotte:

Bad Daddy’s is where my husband and I had our first date so it will also be my classic favorite. I love so many things in this city- walking over to Blackhawk Hardware to get some free popcorn with my kids, taking a jog through Freedom Park, eating at local places like Haberdish or Cabo Fish Taco with friends, enjoying the view from Fahrenheit 451’s patio, wandering around Restoration Hardware wishing I had their patio furniture, or HANGING OUT AT EPIPHANY WITH SOME OF THE BEST PEOPLE AROUND! 🙂

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